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5 Ways to create great content that generates leads

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There are so many ways to write content but following are common things to keep in mind that will have a higher likelihood of helping generate more and higher quality leads.

Short and Concise

There is no rule, but many SEO experts say that a blog post should be between 500 and 1,000 words. This blogging format does not match the requirements of many social platforms that can also go viral. Do not be impulsive and keep on writing what is on your mind. Re-read what is written to eliminate unnecessary stuff. Think of ways to ensure your message gets through with the least number of words. It is better to err on the side of less words. This concise writing will be more apt to being shared. It is not just about getting to the point, it is also about staying there.

Reason and Value

Write for real people, not just search engines. Value to reader comes before value to search engine. Sure, you can keep keywords and their density in mind, but it can come after you’ve created content that tickles the reader’s imagination.

Purposeful, Goal Oriented, Targeted

Who is your audience? Know this audience well – their aspirations and afflictions. Their liking and pain points. Trying to be all things to all people means you are wasting everyone’s time.

If one piece of content is for Physicians, stay focused. Don’t try to appeal to billers and front-desk personnel all at the same time.

Focused content must also paint a large vision and broad picture of what is possible.


Very few of us can create 100% original content. We get our best ideas by reading and consuming content from other good thinkers. These are generally adaptations and variations of these ideas. They are uniquely applied to your target audience with their goals in mind. 

It should not be copied and it should not be just critiques or reactions to others’ writings. In short, it must be you – your unique self reflected in your content.

Finally, Searchable and Findable

I am not just talking about search engines. I am talking about spreading the word – on networks where your audience persists and ‘hangs out’. Secondly, distribute it where influencers, bloggers and writers go.

These are just some of the top ways of creating and distributing great content that can help generate leads.

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