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What is it to be an American?

For me, being an American goes beyond being a citizen of the United States of America or having permanent residency in the country. Being an…

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EHR – Hope and Reality

Seth Godin wrote very well about Hope and Reality in our lives. “Sometimes, we don’t sell what we’ve got, we sell what could be.” He…

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I Resolve NOT to Resolve!

Every new year I end up making resolutions. I resolve, just like many of you to exercise, to eat better, to live a healthy life,…

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Best EHR System: None of the Above

Who is the Best Republican Candidate? Who is the Best Democratic Candidate? Hilary Clinton versus Donald Trump? Athena versus Allscripts? eClinicalworks versus Nextgen? Free Practice…

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The Next Big Thing

Computers – Mainframes, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets. What is the Next Big thing? Motorola Cellular phone bricks, flip phones, Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone. What is the next Big…

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Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

Marketing effectiveness is traditionally measured among other things, by tracking: Twitter followers Search engine positioning for various search terms Hits, clicks, page views on website…

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AdvancedMD to be acquired by Marlin Equity Partners (from ADP)

What does EHR merger and acquisition activity mean for providers?

The latest in a series of M&A activity related to EHR companies is AdvancedMD, which is being acquired by Marlin Equity Partners. In other words, ADP is dumping AdvancedMD.

I was surprised when ADP acquired an EHR company and I wrote about it. Before it became AdvancedMD, it was called PracticeOne. What will it be called now?

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Top 4 Questions to ask a Prospect when selling EMR Software

ou’ve done a fantastic job of presenting your Software.. Even before you did the presentation and demonstration, you engaged the provider and his/her team to ask about their practice, including their aspirations and afflictions.

It is the inevitable question that comes at the end of every demonstration and presentation – asking for the order, or finding out what next?

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How often should you communicate with your Clients?

I get this question a lot from my clients – how often should I communicate with my clients? The answer is always – as often as they would like. The problem is, how do you know that?

Here’s what I found from my mobile carrier Sprint. 

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Focused Branding

Brand building is often misunderstood by companies that want to increase their visibility, leads and therefore sales. Branding is not about advertising your company or…

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They get the leads, We’re better, but They won.

Throughout history we see better products lose, You may have a better product, great people, excellent infrastructure, but the competitor seems to get the most attention and traffic. 

Why is that? Why doesn’t the world get it?

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When your Leads are down, Nurturing may be the only way to increase Sales

How often do you hear about EHR Companies generating plenty of leads, but closing very few of them? If you are able to generate a lot of leads, that’s a good start though. But it is sadly true that many EHR companies close at a very low ratio.

Whose fault is it – Marketing or Sales? Usually, it is both.

  • Marketing department does not qualify leads adequately before giving them to sales.
  • Sales people become desperate because their sales are down and pipeline does not look healthy.

What is the solution

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Un-Marketing your EHR

EHR Companies hire me to help increase leads, Period. 

Isn’t that the goal of marketing? 

Leads can be increased in so many different ways. The fundamental aspect of this is to create awareness of your company, brand and product. The challenge of course is to do this with a limited budget, limited resources and existing product.

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EMR Failure – Be a Leader

I could not understand why the same software and same vendor was successful with some practices (I should say most practices) whereas others fail? 

Single reason for EMR Failure – Lack of Leadership

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Support is not a cost center, it is a Profit Center

Support is not a cost center, it’s a profit center. Treating customers with urgency and clarity and respect (maintaining the chain) is more urgent than ever. But companies are busy measuring time on the phone or cost per hour of support people instead of even trying to measure customer churn.

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EHR Marketing and Social Media

I’ve been asked so many times – We are an EHR company, what should our Social Media strategy be?

My answer is very simple – for an Ambulatory EHR vendor, the impact o your earnings is really nothing. Any amount of activity on Facebook or Twitter does not yield any new revenue.

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Every Customer / Client / Patient is a Content Creator and Content Writer

As someone said, the media world is ‘customer-made’s’ coal mine canary. We are seeing a revolution in the world of user-generated content – Pinterest, Youtube etc.

Customers and clients are human beings and have the same afflictions as others. Somehow the business world does not think of them that way. 

What can you do?

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How to be Personal with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is now taking off with small business owners. These sophisticated tools are now within reach of small entrepreneurs. 

The biggest barrier to entry is not price, it is psychology. The word Automation is scaring people away.

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Reaching for the Healthcare Stars

A thought provoking article by Lucien Engelen – Director Radboud Reshape Center at Radboud University Medical Center. Read Here. A Moonshot – Reaching the Stars, an…

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Viral Marketing

There are many names for viral marketing. Buzz marketing or WOM – word-of-mouth marketing are other names. Its common metric is ‘pass-along’ rate.  Viral marketing…

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Are Physicians ‘Cheap’?

This goes back to the days in 70’s up to early 90’s. Doctors could make good money without having to bother about things that you…

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Social Media is NOT Media

Social Media implies ‘media’. Media means – ‘Push’. Traditionally, media is a way to push your message out through various channels, be it television, newspapers,…

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Sales by Listening

Marketing is about Trust. Never forget that. It starts with a primary seed of credibility. When prospects like what they see, next instinct is to…

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People are NOT Rational

Love this post from Seth Godin. Your first mistake might be assuming that people are rational Your second mistake could be assuming that people…

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Customer Loyalty – A review

There’s a new book by Author Jackie Huba – Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. There’s lot to learn about EMR Marketing…

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Retention versus Loyalty

I have frequently talked about differentiators in the cluttered EMR / EHR Space. I have advocated that your unique differentiators are right under your nose,…

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Why is your EHR/EMR different?

Doctors, providers ask you this simple question. Do you have an answer? Of course you do – Best Technology, leading edge technology Strong backend Best…

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EMR Benefit – Eliminate Staff – Really?

My friend John has written a very thought provoking blog – This is not a new topic. It has been beaten around since the…

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Do you have the courage?

The fight is heating up – again. Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is called. There are ardent followers and opponents. You may find…

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“Blogging is like Sex”

“The bottom line is that blogging is like sex. You can’t fake it. You can’t fake passion. you can’t fake wanting to engage with the…

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Strangers vs Prospects

Strangers vs prospects The dictionary definition of a stranger is “a person unaccustomed or unacquainted with something”, in this instance, your products or services. On…

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Mitochon FREE Web based EMR – now EMO? I’m sorry, consider me a Skeptic, but I just don’t see the business model. I’ve run EMR companies, I know the costs of maintaining…

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All EMR’s Are The Same…

Here’s what I keep on hearing. “I’ve looked at so many systems, they’re all the same – just tell me how much is yours…” I…

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Marketing Groupthink Trap

Irving Janis, a research psychologist from Yale University published a very influential book in 1972 that provided initial research on groupthink. EHR Companies have fallen…

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Allscripts news – No surprises. “Allscripts said to be exploring possible sales…” Why does this not come as a surprise? To industry watchers and participants; both vendors and providers,…

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Top 5 ICD 10 Pitfalls

What are the top 5 ICD-10 challenges?  

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Meaningful Use Stage 2 Delayed

HHS announced recently that Stage 2 of Meaningful Use has been postponed effectively, to 2014.  HHS encourages providers who have been waiting until 2012 to…

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EMR Demand not exciting

HHS announced an easing of the timeline for hospitals and eligible providers to meet Stage II of the government EHR incentive program. This makes State…

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Free EMR Software

I have been trying for a long time to really understand the dynamics of a free EMR, both from a business perspective as well as…

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EMR Marketing and Sales

I was just speaking to a colleague in the EMR / EHR industry about EMR sales. Are doctors buying EMR in the small ambulatory practice…

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My name is Chandresh J. Shah. I help Small Businesses eliminate prospecting and Ad waste with Publicity and Guerilla Marketing. Increasing sales today requires different…

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