Chandresh Shah

How to be Personal with Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation is now taking off with small business owners. These sophisticated tools are now within reach of small entrepreneurs. 

The biggest barrier to entry is not price, it is psychology. The word Automation is scaring people away.

Entrepreneurs have always sold to other small businesses by building a personal relation. The cliche being that people buy from people. Larger companies use marketing automation tools and they just lose the personal touch – the individual personality.

Sales people hate it because ‘corporate’ marketing dictates email templates, the message, the wording – all coming out of a robotic factory that is bland and outright dull.

We just need to understand and realize that Marketing Automation software is just a ‘tool’. You should be in total control of the message, not the system. The ‘system’ can be the tool or your corporate marketing department. Don’t allow it to control your message.

You can, and should use marketing automation tools judiciously and make your emails, your messages be YOU. Your personality is what sells, before your product or services. Let it shine and you will stand out.

No buyer wants a dull bland message. So, have real, open, honest conversations with potential clients. If you have a ‘human’ conversation, they will tell you more about their needs than you ever imagined.

Marketing Automation should be used to understand buyer behavior online and offline, score your leads so that you can craft a nice conversation, human message and engage them in a meaningful way.