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Onus is on you – Mr. Vendor

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My son was talking about how many people are leaving the company he works for. It is clear the management is oblivious to what is going on. Dis-satisfaction is rampant among rank and file. Even if employees get vocal and try to have a conversation with the management, things just seem to fall on deaf ears.
Sounds familiar?

This is not unlike customer service. A client of mine just signed up a practice that is leaving their current vendor because the practice is not happy with customer service. They are ok with the product itself. After this practice signed with my client, the other vendor heard about it and tried to retain them, but too late.

Not only that, this practice is paying more than the previous vendor.
This should also be a lesson for all vendors – if you don’t step up and provide world class service, people will leave you and won’t bother telling you.
The onus is on the service/company; not on the customer/employee.