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Best EMR Software in the Market – Who is it?

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There is probably not one EMR software vendor that truly believes theirs is NOT the Best EMR software in the market. And oh yes, there is always a ‘Best’.

I just want to be sure we are clear – I do not equate Best to the most expensive. Best is in the eyes of the beholder. Best is determined not by you, but your customer. Not prospect, but Customer. By implication, your customers know more about your EMR Software than you do. They can (and will) tell you the reason(s) why.

Most vendors make the mistake of pushing what they think are the reasons why their software is good and best. Your logic may not be  the reason why your Customers buy from you.

Ask Your Customers

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you will find this a common theme – your Customers know better than you. They are your ‘marketing consultants’. Engage them in a dialog.

With a sea of EMR Competitors, your prospects are drowning in the madness and chaos of products that range from absolute ‘disaster’ to ‘Brilliant’. If you genuinely think your product is the Best EMR in the market, then rather than spending millions to shout from Roof tops, figure out a way to have the people that care – your clients – talk about it.

And now, the Toughest Challenge: 

What does ‘Best’ Mean?

Again, Beauty is in the eyes of Beholder. Talk to the Beholder, she will tell you!