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Shortcut to more EMR Leads – what’s the plan?

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The number one thing people ask me is ‘how can you increase leads’?
Everyone wants a shortcut to success, a way to have doctors start ringing the phone and filling out forms on the website, without doing a particularly large amount of hard work.

You may appear on the first page of google search for a few keywords, perhaps for a few days, weeks or even months, but it is not a plan. It is a version of ‘throw money at google, wait and hope’. Surely, google is beyond that.

We are very quick to claim credit if suddenly we see a spike in leads. That’s your good fortune and fortune does strike sometimes in your favor, but it is NOT a plan.

The problem is, we keep on researching keywords, and we see competitors on the first page of google search, and wonder, ‘those guys? they don’t even have a decent product’. We even hear ourselves, that company didn’t even exist a couple of years ago. How did they get overnight google rankings? They worked for it, they had a plan.

A plan, by definition, is a collection of steps that are within your influence and control. It involves extremely hard and difficult work. Marketing is not just hard work, it is also tremendous amount of trial and error, some bold steps involving things that are out of the ordinary, and may not even work.

But plan, you must because without it, you ain’t getting anywhere. You will go faster towards your goal of more leads, month after month with a good plan, but more importantly, well executed plan with consistent effort.

I will try to layout a roadmap of such a plan soon and post it here.