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I just got the results of an automated ‘drip marketing’ campaign I had put in place a while ago. What I found was interesting.
When leads came in from ‘marketing’, they were added to the CRM system, sales person assigned. Sales would follow-up and try to set up a demo. The average success was around 35%. In other words, 35% of all new leads ended up getting a demonstration.

I am going to focus up to the demonstration stage for now. (Post demonstration was the second part of the analysis).

Here is the significant finding from data over 8 months:

  • Conversion from leads to Demo went from 34% to 42%. Which means there was a substantial increase in demostrations. If you extrapolate it out to sales, even if you keep the demo to sales ratio the same, sales go up.

I did some fine tuning for Post Demonstration process, because not all demos convert and sometimes ‘potentials’ tell you they have chosen an competitor, sometimes they just disappear.

Again, a similar followup drip campaign instituted at a certain point helped bring back some prospects that would have just ‘died’ away.

  • Total Sales went up 18%. Not bad for just implementing a great system and process.

This was done without changing anything w.r.t. messaging or positioning.