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EMR Software sales – the biggest challenge for Vendors is Leads

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2012 is Over. How should we call it for EMR? Was it a good year? From who’s perspective?
From Providers’ perspective, it was mixed. The EMR adoption continues to creep up. Even people sitting on the sidelines are now ‘EMR ready’. By EMR Ready, I mean they are dabbling in it – free or paid. They may not be 100% productive, but will eventually get there. At least, they have resigned to the fact that there is no other way, no alternative. On the negative side, because of the competition, because of so many choices, the market is more confusing than ever before. It is difficult for providers to truly differentiate a good company from a bad. Even the so called ‘good’ companies are proving to be wrong choise for many providers. Already, over 40% of providers and practices are looking for a better solution and willing to switch to another vendor. Which, by itself it not necessarily a bad sign. Market is weeding out the bad players. Providers are now smarter in really knowing what they want and what matters to them.
From Vendors’ perspective, it was not a good year in general. No one is seeing the growth that they expected and projected in their 2012 plans. I’m sure there are exceptions, but this is true in general with majority of the vendors. Most vendors are complaining about two things:
  • EMR is becoming a ‘commodity’.
  • Good Leads and inquiries are hard to come by and cost of marketing and therefore sales is increasing.
Why so?
Here are some reasons –
  • Everyone sounds the same. No genuine differentiation.
  • Inability to convey a true differentiation (if vendor has one). Problem is, most vendors think they are different but when I probe further, they just sound like everyone else.
  • Getting desperate and just fighting on price alone.