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Allscripts news – No surprises.

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“Allscripts said to be exploring possible sales…”

Why does this not come as a surprise? To industry watchers and participants; both vendors and providers, it just sounds logical.

Just look at the short turbulent history, of the EHR industry as well as of Allscripts.

Allscripts has made several missteps. Their most recent one has been literally thrusting their half baked Myway product on their clients. They acquired so many companies and products and tried to consolidate them all with one product. It may work in other industries, but not with small practices.

EHR is painful and tough for Providers. It is a paradigm shift. It takes 3-6 months on a average for a practice to get to a level of ‘zero’ productivity; i.e. get back to a point of ‘breakeven’ before the practice starts seeing the benefits and increased productivity.

I have talked to so many providers that have already switched to other vendors or are considering. Why? If they are being forced to change their product anyway, why do they need to stick to Allscripts? Second, Allscripts has failed in providing adequate support; either directly or through their VARs.

There is really no guarantee at this time. Providers are really in a quandary. Large vendor? Small vendor? Old vendor? New vendor?

What do you think?