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What is the Right Question?

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There is a lot going on with one of the fastest changing landscapes – Healthcare.

We all have our ‘lists’. But do you have a list of things to think about? A list of questions bothering you about your practice?

Information Surplus – Don’t ask ‘What is the Answer?’

This should not come as a surprise to you. So much to access, so much to read, probably majority of it is not even worth our time, but we somehow feel compelled to review or even act on that information. Within all of this may be buried a vital and critical piece of information that is relevant and important to you.

Make it easier to sort through surplus information by making a list of questions that are important to you – not answers. Don’t ask ‘What is the Answer?’

An important question that is on many providers’ minds is, what EMR/EHR system is right for me, my practice? Is this the right question? I don’t think so, because it is an answer you are seeking disguised as a question.

Think about the big picture. You focus should be your practice and your own future. EMR/EHR is just a Tool. Put it in context of the big picture questions.

  • What makes my practice most efficient?
  • Do we have the most practical and optimized workflows and processes?
  • Is my staff capable of handing modern technology and tools?
  • Is my staff capable of dealing with patients as humans rather than numbers?
  • What is the most efficient use of my time?
  • Is it better to spend money where we can optimize the providers’ time?
  • Is ‘Current’ good enough?
  • Is it OK to maintain Status Quo?

Most important, don’t get caught up in details and small minutia.


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