Chandresh Shah

Customer Evangelism is a Goal that Never Happens

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You have read about, attended some talks and to a large extent agree with creating Customer Evangelists. I have looked at most EHR Software companies. I do not see any company whose Customers are Evangelists where the company spends next to nothing on marketing, or does not even have a sales force.
Why is this? Is Customer Evangelism just a pipe dream that remains on paper – unfulfilled?

Customer Evangelism is an Extreme Goal, as is the goal of selling products without worrying about Customer Satisfaction, just volume and numbers.

Most realities are different – there is always a compromise somewhere in the middle. We are forced to compromise to the middle because of real world situations. Compromise is not the goal, it is a temporary tactic that gets us closer to the goal.

Center exists because there are extremes. If we don’t strive for the extremity of Customer Evangelism, there is no center to be at, there is nothing to strive for. We make difficult choices every day. We choose one thing over the other that moves us closer to our Goal. Choosing and embracing Customer Evangelism as an extreme goal makes us successful as an organization.