Chandresh Shah

Social Media is NOT Media

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Social Media implies ‘media’. Media means – ‘Push’. Traditionally, media is a way to push your message out through various channels, be it television, newspapers, direct mail, radio and now online – via Tweeter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Social Media, however, is not media. It is an Action. It is a conversation with two more people. It is not just a website. Facebook without a conversation is nothing. So, Social Media broadly defines how you converse online with others – be it customers, colleagues, or influencers.

Taking the example of Twitter as a platform for social media, if you use it just to send out ads and other company updates, it is just media – not social media. Otherwise, you are just crashing a party and handing out flyers.

If you are writing a blog, however thought provoking, if it does not have the ability to invite comments, it is not ‘social’.