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How often should you communicate with your Clients?

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Sprint has an app for my smartphone called ‘Sprint Zone’. I frequently get push notifications from the app. Early on, I found they were promoting a deal or an app that I was not interested in. I started ignoring the notification completely. This went on for several years. 

I’m happy with Sprint overall, nothing against them. This morning I don’t know why but I decided to look at the ‘Sprint Zone’ notification. 

To my surprise, I found it was a very good app. It showed me at a glance everything about my account – my bill, minutes used, data and text usage. I could easily drill down to the details of every line in my family account. 

I think I missed out on all this because I thought communication from Sprint was all about trying to push and sell products to me.

I get this question a lot from my clients – how often should I communicate with my customers? The answer is always – as often as they would like. The problem is, how do you know that?

You can find out in two ways. 

If you communicate via email, look at your reports. How many clients open and read your emails? This should tell you if they are engaging or ignoring you. Second, pick up the phone and ask them. Not only about the frequency but also the method and medium of preferred communication. Would they like to be communicated by emails, newsletter, phone, social media, etc.

If you have a large number of clients, of course you don’t need to talk to all. Use the email report to decide who to contact. Get a sampling of those clients that never open your email, and those that read every email.

You can certainly make a good impression and grow with an engaged client community.

I know I’m going to read my Sprint Zone notifications from now on.

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