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How to Reinvent yourself to use EMR Software?

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Reinventing You

I read a very interesting article on HBR (Harvard Business Review) – “How to Reinvent Yourself After 50“. An article by Dorie Clark, the author of Reinventing You.

Reinvention after 50 is more than possible; it’s critical to keeping your skills fresh and your work fulfilling. Between staying current with social media, owning your history, reconnecting with old contacts, and shaking up the ossified view that current colleagues may have of you, you’ll soon be ready for the next chapter in your professional life.
— Dorie Clark

There is enough time for EMR Software.

Doctors and Physicians need to reinvent themselves by embracing (not just adopting) EMR Software. Too many doctors complain about how EMR software slows them down and how they don’t need EMR in their practice. They complain about everything from lack of usability to losing the ability to focus on patients. 

While some of it may be true, I believe the biggest hurdle is the inability to reinvent themselves, their practices and their workflow. Working with EMR Software vendors as partners to help bring about change is a way to embrace new technology.

Get on with the times.

Using EMR Software, being active on social media, is no longer optional. It is even more important for doctors over 50 to live with computers, have a social presence and maintain digital patient records because it is viewed as a proxy for being current with times professionally. Younger patients will look up doctors on line for reviews, credentials and qualifications.

5 Steps to reinventing yourself for EMR Software

  1. Create a Vision for your EMR’ized Practice. Imagine your practice including you, your staff and patients using new technology. Imagine the future that you want – going home early, finishing charts early, seeing happier patients, etc.
  2. Write about your reinvention. Write about the envisioned journey, and also about the process as it unfolds. Write about the process of vendor selection, implementation, frustrations as well as elevations. Writing enables you to step back and look at the big picture, find better solutions.
  3. Surround yourself with visualizations of an office with smooth and efficient workflow. Find images of a harmonious and efficient office. Place them in the break room, your office and other places where you and your staff and see it.
  4. Break up the Vision into workable small tasks and steps. Write daily tasks that can be measured and achieved. Make a list of things you need to do and a schedule of when you and your staff will do it. Assign a project leader for this if you don’t have time for it. Strive on achieving each step at a time.
  5. Prepare Metrics you will measure yourself against. Go back to the vision every so often and see if you are walking steadily towards that future. 

Reinventing for EMR Software is not easy. There will be a lot of frustrations along the way. There will be internal and external resistance. Some events will be out of your control. There will be Nay Sayers and colleagues that have been frustrated. 

You became a Doctor after all the hurdles – you can certainly implement EMR Software.