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I’ve been asked so many times – We are an EHR company, what should our Social Media strategy be?

My answer is very simple – for an Ambulatory EHR vendor, the impact o your earnings is really nothing. Any amount of activity on Facebook or Twitter does not yield any new revenue.

Even if it generated some revenue that you may attribute to social media, it is probably an ‘assist’ rather than a direct net impact. Plus, you cannot create a strategy around exceptions.

There are two problems with social media for EHR marketing. Majority of the providers and prospects are not on social media looking to do any business. Secondly, very few of your prospects are active on social media.

Having said that, do remain active on Facebook or Twitter. If nothing else, it drives some level of awareness and a certain amount of engagement with existing clients. It should not be a major focus among your marketing mix. 

Do not invest significant time or money on a Social media strategy and execution. Your friends, employees, their families and existing clients may be your followers, but that does not matter. What matters is Revenue. Don’t let anything else drive marketing investment.

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