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Branding does not have to be expensive

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For Doctors, your EMR Brand is both a shortcut and an insurance policy. It assures them that they can expect certain qualities from your EMR and/or service and it frees them from doing much (or any) investigation themselves. This is why people in a hurry are more likely to choose brands they know.
Badgered on all sides especially CMS, to make a purchase decision on complicated technology that affects practice workflow and everything that doctors have done over the years, and having few resources to verify claims, risk-averse decisions makers will go with the well branded products and services every time.

The lesson for you, the company with unbranded or poorly branded EMR is that when you make claims, you must provide hard proof of those claims in the simplest terms possible. In the buyer’s eyes, with obscure brands nothing is a given.

Creating a brand is complex, mind-numbingly hard work. The good news is that once the brand is in place (and for most of you that have been in business for a few year, have an ONC certified product, your Brand is in place), the function of branding—implementing the brand—is very easy.

One of the best ways to clearly, consistently, and constantly communicate your brand is through your own website and blog. Of course having a blog is nothing ‘special’ these days. There are now over 68 million WordPress blog sites alone and this number is only growing day-by-day!

You may be thinking that doing this will not enable you to stand out. The reality is that many people register a website and a blog and then just let it sit there. Eventually these sites become vacant “parking lots” with nobody stopping by for a visit, because no one knows you exist.

Do you look behind the scenes to manage and analyze your traffic, bounce rate, page views, visitors, social traffic, etc .?

Google Analytics is one of the ultimate resource to understand all these things. It can, however, be a bit complicated to navigate and understand. I know many people who have great intentions to understand their blog’s analytics only to get lost in the details. This is certainly not an excuse not to analyze.

There are other tools that dissect the Analytics data and one such tool I like is It has an awesome analytics tool that sends you custom weekly web metric reports for your site as an infographic. (Full disclosure – I’m not affiliated with or intend to promote their services).

They have basically made all the complex information from Google Analytics easier to parse by giving you a very nice snapshot of just the key areas of your web traffic such as page views, new and returning visitor data, social engagement, SEO stats and bounce rate.

So, how to let the world know about your Brand?

I have created a short 1.5 page paper that list out 4 things you can do to get your Brand Known. Click Here.