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Do you sell what your clients Want?

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There is a very simple formula for success. Yet, it is the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make. You have to follow a very simple principle in business. No matter what you are selling; EMR, EHR, Revenue Cycle management, billing services, or anything else.
“Find out what your market wants and give it to them.”

Yes, it is really that simple.

Yet, we try to sell people what we think they need and not what they want. I see this time and time again. This simple principle gets overlooked and forgotten.

It is really important to understand the difference between what providers need and what they want. Entrepreneurs and the marketing department talks about and lectures on the importance of ‘meeting the practice’s needs’ and it is often regarded as the key to running a successful EHR company. Providing what providers and practices need is no guarantee that you will find demand. You have to give them what they want, not what you believe they need.

I understand your frustration – you don’t understand why clients don’t buy your products and services when they are significantly better than other alternatives on the market. You can prove it and you have endless case studies and testimonials to back it up. You can show that if they switched, your customers would bet a better product and/or service and save money. You would think this is a no-brainer. Not really.

Without fail entrepreneurs and marketers have not understood what their client really wants. It seems very irrational.

Embrace Irrationality.

It starts with the understanding what Practices and Providers want, so find out what matters to them, communicate and package it in that way.