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Creating Content for EHR Companies

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So many of my clients ask me about content. They know the importance of good content. But there are two problems. 

  1. They don’t have in-house content writers.
  2. They don’t have good topics of interest for their audiences.

Let me address the second issue first.

Generating ideas for content – blogs – articles does not have to be a nerve wrecking experience. You can get ideas from everywhere around you. Every person in the company can generate topic ideas. 

  • Sales – every lead, opportunity can generate ideas. When leads ask questions many of those them are topics of general interest and become great content topics. How is implementation done? How much training do we need? 
  • Support – many support questions are perhaps specific to your product, but there will be questions that are generic in nature related to workflow and optimal ways of doing things. Perfect blog ideas.
  • Product development staff – every new feature request that you encounter has a reason behind it. Features should solve problems, and when clients have problems, it becomes an opportunity for good content writing.

Everyone reads – magazines, news, and other blogs. I guarantee you many of these writing are thought provoking and can trigger further thinking or even tangential thinking. Again, this can lead to more blog and content opportunities.

Finally, even if you can’t think of ideas, writing and commenting on some of the high profile blogs about insightful ideas also helps. Just don’t flood them with sales stuff.

Now about content writing. 

Not everyone has writing skills required for the internet. Not to worry, help is right around the corner. Use sites like (full disclosure – I don’t have any connection with them neither do they pay me). You can find great writers for a fraction of the cost. Many similar sites exist. 

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