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Free is Never an Answer for EMR and EHR Software

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Lowering your Price – or even making it free – is not the only way to increase market share or revenue.  Offering Free trial of EMR and EHR software also may not work. Here’s why.

Free is something that we all like – it creates a buzz. The word spreads. It opens doors. It can give you ‘leads’ and the ability to capture information about Practices and Providers.

But when we buy something, we expect and usually get something that is generally not available for free.

What is that something?

The act of buying means an engagement responsibility is made. Expectations are completely different when any transaction happens. Whether you pay $100 per month or $700, expectations rise.

A level of service and support is expected. The interesting thing is, someone that is paying on the low end of the spectrum or high, have a minimum level of support anticipation. Therefore, the cost of fulfilling those expectations remains the same.

The answer is not to lower the price but extend the value impact. Communicate this value impact with a powerful mind changing story – through peer and third party validation.

While you are doing this externally, i.e. focused on your target market and clients, you need to create the same value impact within your organization to create the same level of influence within your organization. Any misalignment is a recipe for disaster.

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  1. So true Chandresh. Free isn’t free. The staff time, cost of a functioning at a less than optimal state and opportunity costs have a greater economic impact on the practice than the licensing "pricing."

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