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Where is the Healthcare Change?

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With all the news circling around healthcare these days we are likely to be depressed or frightened. No matter what your party and political affiliation is, there does not seem to be a consensus on how to crack the nut. It almost seems like everyone is a crook out to make a quick buck. Is free-market economy and capitalism doomed?

Personally, I have always been a champion of small companies. While companies consolidate all around us and large megalomaniac companies seem to run everything, it is the small companies that are the growth engine of our country. That is where people are doing all the work and where people are making decisions.

Healthcare and medical practices are no different.

I’m very optimistic about the capacity of providers to make money making us healthy and solving our problems. Large groups and hospitals seem to get into trouble all the time especially when they start behaving like an unelected ruling class.

I see new ideas and new stuff that is getting created by young people and in garages of homes every day. I may be wrong, and I hope not, but I feel that independent small medical practices are not only here to stay, they will thrive.

What do you think?

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