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Don’t Generate Leads – Let Leads find you

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The number one question people ask me is, how can you help us generate more leads?
While all companies must explore ways to generate more leads, I find a fundamental flaw in this question because it tends to become an ‘obsession’. This obsession then tends to create an unhealthy downward spiral. Here’s why:

  1. You try to be everything to everyone, hoping to attract attention and leads because you are now focusing on ‘quantity’ of leads.
  2. Over time, you lose focus and try to seek out people that just ‘don’t get it’ and are not the ideal customer you should e seeking.
  3. These type of leads defocus your Marketing, Sales, Support and ultimately even our product; i.e. your entire company.

Instead of trying to generate leads that don’t matter, isn’t it better to seek out people that will value your products and services? What I am really talking about is understanding your existing client base – finding out why they are your clients, what makes them so happy.

Then, your effort must be to find and connect with prospects that are more inclined to like your product and services and are more likely to believe in your.

The way to do that, my friends, is to have your existing clients spread ideas for you. Have your clients and biggest fans do your lead generation for you. All YOU need to do is facilitate the process.